Terms of Use

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To access the Service as a valid registered user in compliance with this Agreement (‘User’), registration on our website and/or Software may be necessary, involving actions such as setting up a profile, linking with social networking accounts (e.g., Facebook), and providing your Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number (MSISDN), i.e., your mobile number, along with other personally identifiable information. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all provided information. Safeguarding the confidentiality of your username, passwords, or account/profile is solely your responsibility. Airtel’s privacy policy governs the use and protection of sensitive information you provide. You hold Airtel harmless for any claims related to these matters and the Service.

To use/register for the Service, you must meet the age requirements set by applicable laws. If underage, discontinue use unless supervised by a legal guardian who agrees to all terms. Airtel is not liable for unauthorized, unlawful, or illegal use of the Service, Software, or Content by non-valid users.

The Service allows Users to sample, download, and/or stream Content provided through the Service at Airtel’s discretion. Content access may be subscription-based or payment per download, with possible territorial restrictions. Airtel can change the Content delivery method, registration terms, and Service access conditions at its discretion without prior notice.

Internet access is required for Service use, and you are responsible for obtaining connectivity and associated fees. You must have the necessary equipment for Internet access and Service use, including compatible devices.

Your MSISDN may be accessed through the operator, and the Service is limited to one authorized device connected to your MSISDN. Attempts to register another device will terminate Software use on previous devices.

Accessing Services via Social Networking Sites (SNS), like Facebook, requires providing personally identifiable information and granting access to certain SNS activities. Airtel is not responsible for SNS account safety and security.

When providing credit/debit card details for Services, ensure correctness and ownership. Airtel is not liable for card fraud, and any fraudulent use is your responsibility.

Information collected by Airtel is governed by the Privacy Policy. Airtel is not responsible for transactions; all claims and complaints must be directed to payment processing partners or your bank.

Airtel may conduct internal auditing, data analysis, and research, sharing Personal Data with affiliates and group companies for these purposes, combining it with other information.